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Q: How many individuals are there in Chattanooga with special needs?

A: In the Chattanooga school system alone, we have approximately 8,300 children with special needs, but the overall number of individuals in our area is unknown.

Q: What is the purpose behind The Miracle League of Chattanooga?

AThe Miracle League of Chattanooga is designed to give individuals with limited abilities specialized recreational opportunities that are designed to accommodate their needs.

Q: How is a Miracle League different from other recreational facilities?

A. The Miracle League builds specialized rubber fields that are latex free, completely flat, and have no barriers. Our fields allow easy access for wheelchairs, canes, walkers, crutches, and prosthetic limbs.

Q: Is the Miracle League just for kids?

A: The Miracle League is designed for anyone who uses a wheelchair, cane, walker, crutches, or has prosthetic limbs, including seniors, veterans, Wounded Warriors, and individuals participating in the Special Olympics.

Q: Why is a Miracle League important to Chattanooga?

A: A Miracle League is important to Chattanooga because children with special needs, especially mobility issues, offers a specialy-designed rubber surface that allows players who use walkers, wheelchairs, or adaptive devices to play safely. Chattanooga’s Miracle Field will be the first one of its kind in Tennessee.

Q: Will families be involved?

AYes! Family members will get to watch as their loved ones finally get the chance to play! They’ll also have the opportunity to work in fundraisers, serve as team leaders, and participate in activities between games.

Q: Can anybody participate in The Miracle League?

AYes! We’ll need Buddies, who help players during games. They help with the hitting, fielding and rounding the bases and scoring one for the team. It’s good fun and good times.

Q: How does The Miracle League of Chattanooga accommodate all players?

A: The Miracle League of Chattanooga accommodates all players by using adaptive equipment, such as a tee for hitting the baseball and Buddies for swinging the bat.  

Q: What are the future goals of The Miracle League of Chattanooga?

A: The Chattanooga Miracle Field Complex will call Warner Park home. It will be next to the Chattanooga Zoo, pool and splash park — all downtown! Construction is planned for the Spring of 2017 with an opening day in the Fall!

Q: If I donate, is it tax deductible?

A: Yes! All donations are tax deductible and The Miracle League of Chattanooga is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization tax ID 46-3437488.

QHow are funds going to be raised for the Miracle League Fields?

A: We will be raising funds through our community, fundraisers, corporate and local sponsorship, organizations, and grants.

QHow long will the surface on the fields last before they need replacing?

A: The surface will last approximately twenty years.


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